The first step among Officine Dandrea Angelo range of services consists in verification, coordination performance, and, if needed, a complete and integrated engineering from the very preliminary phase of the project to the detailed construction development. Such activity is oriented to plant engineering within the Oil & Gas field.
More specifically, any steel, concrete or composite structures can be engineered using FEM analysis, according to the national regulation or the international codes (ex. US UBC or others), tanks according to API or ASME, under pressure tanks according to national rules such as ISPESL VSR and VSG or American regulations.
The project development is performed throughout an optimization process material, mean and human resources, as well as a strict quality controls implemented by accredited authorities (RINA, TUV etc).
Such a well organized team can therefore meet all clients’ requests, having a single contact point to interact with, for every engineering or technical need during their activity.
At present the company’s engineering activity is performed by a team of 4 operators, supported by external personnel specialized in different fields (structural, pressure equipments, industrial engineering).


The following step after engineering is the erection phase.
During these last years Officine Dandrea Angelo has been providing with all equipments in order to perform bigger steel unit erections (benders, lathe machinery, milling machine, calenders, arc welding machines).
The company has consequently employed several professional resources for the working procedures (assembly, welding operators, lathe turners, mill, painting and CND workers etc.) and equipped the staff with all necessary equipments This allows Officine Dandrea Angelo to have a fleet of top-level machinery Benders, Shears, Bending, Cutting Benches, Lathes, Milling Machines, Equipment for Submerged Arc welding etc. .. all the latest and most numerical control).
The thirty-year tradition in this type of activity allows to create a synergy of human and material resources, this has allowed Officine Dandrea Angelo to always conclude any technical and commercial buildings that have been entrusted to them


As to this field Officine Dandrea Angelo has at first experienced the activity of thermophysical degassers, tube nest heat exchanger, filters and heaters erections for third parties.
Based on the above experience, the company has consequently developed their Know How in order to perform independently the whole engineering and erection activity according to the national and international regulations.
This erection activity is completed by several maintenance operations along with periodical verifications on existing plants’ working conditions, as well as replacement and/or adjustment of parts subject to deterioration.
The above activities are supported by a range of dedicated technologies such as computerized welding & boring, (normally used in tube nests), material thermal treatments, ultrasound controls on welded joints.


In consideration of the high use of process insulated equipments within the Oil & Gas field, Officine Dandrea Angelo has recently developed a dedicated sector.
This one consists of implementing the equipment insulation, with specific and different characteristics, from hot insulation with mineral or synthetic coatings, to cold insulation with cellular insulators and steam barriers, fire-proof insulations with relative “fire-proof” certification, to removable ceramic fabric insulation for frequently maintained equipments or mechanic vibration risk equipments, such as gas turbines.
In addition to such activities of insulation and carpentry, Officine Dandrea Angelo has acquired an experience in general treatments, such as atmospheric protection or specific treatment as fire-proof steel structures.