Officine Dandrea Angelo was established in 1978 by the present owner Angelo Dandrea; upon his previous technical experiences, he decided to develop the field of metal carpentry and industrial construction.
In the eighties the start of a new local industrial activity strictly linked to the oil production gave a boost to the company to expand and increase their business and employment as well as to environmental and safety protection.

This growth process entailed a necessary activity splitting, leading to the establishment of a new company named Nolitalia Srl, aimed at loads handling and lifting services within the industry and plants, as well as assistance at works at heights.
The huge number of various and different machineries such as cranes and trucks with mounted cranes (loading capacity from 20 to 350 tons), platforms (from 15 to 60 m heights), and several generators, forklifts, welding machines, excavators etc., is available to the customers under the rental procedure, in order to give a complete and reliable assistance on site.

The separation of the companies into Officine Dandrea Angelo and Nolitalia Srl, and the subsequent focusing respectively on the construction and services activities, better oriented the mother company to its core business activities. In fact Officine Dandrea Angelo are now in a position to deal with contracts and orders from complete engineering up to construction and erection of different and various industrial plants and  equipments (industrial steel buildings, pipe rack, under pressure tanks, heat exchangers, ovens, hot and cold insulation etc.)

Besides, working with main customers such as Eni, Saipem, Total, Hallibuirton, Enel and many other international companies, involved the necessary certifications by Officine Dandrea and Nolitalia Srl as to the relevant fields (UNI EN ISO 9001_2008, ISO 14001_2004, OHSAS 18001_2007) together with more specific certifications concerning NDC and welding procedures. All the above has enabled Officine Dandrea Angelo to be nationally as Centre of Steel processing by the "Technical Service Centre of the Board for Public Works"

In addition to the above mentioned means and certifications, even human resources have been significantly increased both in quantity and quality. Leading managing positions have been assigned to qualified technical and civil engineers, managers and  surveyors with different specific experiences, whereas the production activity is managed by skilled operators specialized in CNC machines, mechanic and hydraulic maintenance.

This development and enhancement policy has involved also the  acquisition of Sergen , a company set up in 1989 and operating in the industrial maintenance and cleanings.
Sergen s.r.l. is in a position to perform activities involving the whole cycle from transport to stocking of hydrocarbons; starting from  pipelines and plants erection, their maintenance and repair, their cleaning and inertisation (gas free),  to the decommissioning of plants and lines out of service

Sergen’s legal, administrative and operating headquarters are in San Martino in Strada, nearby the town of Lodi, whereas most of the activities are carried out by the customers, spread all over Europe and Northern Africa.

Of course the company's development will not stop and the according to the above mentioned, with the favor of the referenced markets, will certainly lead to the conquest of always more ambitious and rewarding goals technical and commercial goals, without ever cheat the profoundly human and family company that has produced so much over the years.